Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Decorations

Last year we started the tradition of writing the children little love notes for the thirteen days in February before Valentine's Day.  Each night we put them in their Valentine's mailboxes and they read them at breakfast.  This year I decided that we needed a way to display the notes and that is how we have come to have a Valentine's tree!  When I was in high school my Mom bought red heart Christmas tree lights for me because I had a slight obsession with heart things (don't ask.. I don't really know why).  I have been carrying those lights around for years!  I finally put them to use on our white feather tree that we use for our frog tree at Christmas.  It's very festive!

Mom helped me make a Valentine's banner for our foyer mirror.  And when I say helped I mean that she pretty much cut everything out for me and all I did was glue and string it together!  It turned out super cute and festive too!

On the table underneath the banner I put a framed Valentine print from Janet Hill Studios.  I found the red frame for $4 at JoAnns.  I love it.

And, of course, we put out some Valentine's candy.


  1. I have been so swamped at school and I have not gotten out any of my sweet Valentine decor.I need to get on that!

    You house looks so festive!


  2. Love the Valentine everything!!11
    It's usual!!
    You are so adorable in the made me smile! Love the outfit! =)

  3. Super cute! Like Sherri I also smiled at you in the mirror - love your belt with a bow!

  4. So lovely!!!! I would never be able to have candy out... I have a little addiction to conversation hearts.:). And I agree with sherri-----YOU in the mirror----so adorable!!

  5. Yet another fabulous idea I am egar to copy (and take full credit for since we live so far apart...sadness)

  6. Your kids must love you...look at all those cute Valentine decorations! You are leagues ahead of me girl!

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