Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Thing #6

About six or seven years ago we bought Grace this adorable rabbit muff and she has been using it ever since!  In fact, she's used it a lot more the past couple of years.  It is so, so cute, old fashioned and actually keeps her hands warm walking to school!  The bunny even has a little pocket on the backside for treasures.  I'm not sure how this little guy manages to be cute for a toddler and an almost 9 year old but he does and we love him for it!

Also, Harris owns and adores the fox scarf from this same company.  He's obviously well worn and loved.


  1. Those are both adorable! My kids would love them!

  2. I saw Grace walking to school with this the other day and thought it was just so cute!!

  3. I need to get one of those for EMERSON... she is always losing her gloves! WHAT A FANTASTIC find. I really enjoy your "FAVORITE THINGS" series!!


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