Tuesday, August 21, 2018


For the past three weeks or so we've had some very mysterious things happening in the chicken's  coop and run.  The fake eggs that we've had in the nesting boxes to encourage the girls to lay there starting disappearing and reappearing in very strange places.  We were totally perplexed as to how that was happening.  The girls were going through the food at crazy rates and while I thought it was a bit insane, I also wondered if maybe they ate a lot more as they got ready to lay (remember we are totally new to this!).  Frankly, I kept thinking a squirrel might be getting in because I didn't think it could be a predator because the girls and Chewie were still alive.

I was wrong.  We set up a game camera and caught these two bandits red handed.  Raccoons are nothing but pests and I feel incredibly lucky that they didn't kill our chickens (which they most often do).  We've got some work to  do to figure out how to keep the coons out of the run (we've started keeping the coop door closed again at night)!  Any suggestions are welcome!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Kathleen and Caroline Visit

Two of our favorite people just left after visiting with us for a week!  Caroline and Kathleen came to stay and we had a perfect mix of doing absolutely nothing and adventuring!

Our biggest activity was going into NYC and going to the top of the Empire State Building.  We also walked the Highline, explored the NYC Public Library and lost several pounds in sweat :).

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Tree Swing

This swing has been up for at least a year now, but I thought I'd still share as I love it.  It's from Peg and Awl and it's super sturdy and well built.  Plus, it's charming and that goes a long way, right?

We hung it in one of our old Walnut trees.

There's something so relaxing and therapeutic about swinging!

And it fits two...

I'm not sure that safety protocol was followed on this install ;).

Friday, August 10, 2018

Gerstner Chest

A few years ago, for Father's Day, I gave Bryce a Gerstner's machinist chest that I found in a local antique store.  When I bought it, it was in rough shape with the back wood warped and peeling, the green felt rubbed off and a bit gross, the leather handle shot and the keys for the lock were long gone.

However, Gerstner has a long history of producing quality products with excellent craftsmanship and after discussing it with a gentleman at Gerstner, I decided it was worth it to have the piece "rehabilitated" by Gerstner.  I sent it off to them and they proceeded to polish, glue, replace and generally spiff it up to the best of their ability.  When it arrived back, I couldn't believe how great it looked.  It sure doesn't look new but I didn't want it too.  It just looks like a better version of its old self.

The piece has lots of little drawers and openings.  Bryce keeps it on a shelf in our closet to hold all sorts of things.  I love how useful it is.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Flowers in the Field

Our farm is under farm assessment which really helps us when it comes time to pay taxes (especially where we live!).  We have a five acre field which currently is growing hay and our farmer neighbor cuts and bales it for us every summer.  One of our goals when we moved here was to be able to take over the requirements that need to be met to qualify for farm assessment so that we would not be dependent on someone else.  We really want to be totally above board and doing what we need to do so that we qualify fairly and truly.

To that end, this spring we took over a very small part of the field and planted five rows of flowers so that we could sell them.  For various reasons, mainly our renovation, we felt behind and didn't do as much soil prep and seed starting as we should have so this season has been very much one of learning!

I planted 50 dahlias and after our crazy wet spring only two survived!  The rest rotted in our heavy clay soil.  So that was a BIG disappointment and a tough learning curve.  I direct seeded everything else and while we definitely had crops that did not sprout and survive, the majority did!

The photo above was taken July 6th

Taken today, August 8th.

This area of the field has such a different feel to it than my garden.  While the flowers are beautiful, it's definitely a working area.  

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Seaside/Watercolor Family Vacation

After we left Alabama we drove straight to Watercolor, Florida which is smack dab next to Seaside, Florida.  Seaside is a meticulously planned community with the intention of everything one might need within biking and walking distance.  The homes are charming and delightful as is the community center.  Basically, Watercolor is just an extension of that idea and there we found a beautiful home to rent for the week.

The house came with eight bikes so we were able to ditch the car for most of the week which was so nice!  What I love about the gulf is the emerald waters and the white sands, which makes it so different from the Atlantic!  We spent the week going to the beach and the numerous pools, relaxing at the plunge pool at our rental house, playing peanuts, reading, eating and generally having a relaxing vacation.

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