Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Grandparents Valentines

I had such big hopes this year to get out Valentine's to my friends and family.  It didn't happen.  I did manage to get Valentines to the children's grandparents though!

We gave the Grandparents child made cranberry scones, homemade butter and some tea bags that we added hearts too.

The children made the scones all by themselves (except for the oven part) and they were really, really tasty!  We used Martha Stewart's recipe but substituted Craisins for the whole cranberries.

Making the butter was all sorts of crazy fun!  I followed the initial instructions for homemade butter that I found here, but I ended up taking it a few steps farther than what I understood her instructions to be.  She also has a very cute printable.

I thought I would share some tips that I learned while making the butter.
1.  Your butter will get very, very thick and feel like it is finished but if you continue shaking it will once again get very sloshy and feel like you are back to the beginning.  This is good!  Apparently, it means that the cream has broken and you have butter.
2.  The butter will now be in a ball surrounded by the buttermilk.  Dump everything out into a sieve and rinse the butter.  It will sort of fall apart but will easily go back into a ball.
3.  From what I read this is the only way to insure that the butter will stay good for more than a day or two (this was important since we were shipping cross country)!
4.  It's shockingly good.
5.  We found the best (and the funniest) way to make the butter was to have a dance party.


  1. love the whole package! Great job! Tucking away for next year ;o)

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. You KNOW how much we love that loving package. And how I enjoyed making scones for friends here. Thanks again!

  3. What a delightful surprise and to think the children did ALL the work!
    The scones were not only delicious, but they were sweetly packaged and oh so appreciated. Sitting down with a cup of tea and a tasty scone was
    a special Valentine's treat. Thank you for such a memorable occasion!

  4. How do you come up with these fantastic ideas???? LOVE IT!!!!


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