Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing Grace

Grace is officially nine today (halfway to eighteen!).  I'm so very proud of our little girl.  If you had asked me nine years ago what I would hope my daughter would be like at nine, she is exactly it.  I'm so thankful that I get to be her Mom.

Here's my (annual) top ten things I love about Grace. 

1.  She's enthusiastic about projects, parties, life.  
2.  She is a wonderful big sister to Harris.
3.  She is passionate about horses.  She reads about them, studies them and loves riding them.
4.  She's her own person and follows her own path.  I say a prayer of thanks for every year that this remains true!  
5.  She loves her family.
6.  She looks beautiful during ballet.
7.  She loves to read and writes in her journal almost every single day.
8.  She's thoughtful.
9.  She still believes in magic.
10.  She loves being a child and is in no hurry to grow up.


  1. So hard to believe that your princess is nine. I remember so vividly when you told me you were pregnant! Do you remember how you told us?


  2. Happy Birthday, Grace! What a beautiful girl you are.

  3. That picture is the epitome of a granddaughter absolutely thrilled it is her birthday. We couldn't have wished for a better more delightful granddaughter. To repeat myself, I never dreamed my granddaughter would love horses to the extent I did at her age. Thought of her and her happy day all day today.

  4. She's beautiful and precious!
    Happy Birthday Grace!

  5. Wishes for the most marvelous and amazing year for your sweet nine year old!!!!! All your party details were simply dazzling... Looks like a cozy, warm fun evening to celebrate your sweetheart!


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