Friday, April 28, 2017

Important Movies

We recently watched Hidden Figures with the children and I couldn't believe how good it was.  Truly, we all enjoyed it and it was something I considered important for my children to see.  Which got me thinking about the movies that I would really like to share with Grace and Harris, not because they are full of adventure or because they are funny, but because they are important.  Important because they deal with social injustice, war, basic human rights for all, working hard toward an end and even movies that simply set good life examples.

Years ago, someone told me they thought everyone should see the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan when they turn 18.  He thought it was the closest thing (at the time) he had seen to the true horrors of war instead of the romantic version of war.  I think this can be true of movies, that they get us thinking and dreaming and teach us lessons even as we are entertained.  They are also a good way to show children things they can never experience (adults too of course).

And bonus!  We are to the age where the children can watch most movies, understand what is going on and even enjoy them (though Harris recently informed me that I did not need to make a gasping/hurumphing noise every time someone cursed).

The problem is that we are not exactly caught up on movies as we don't often go to the movies!
Here's my list of movies I want the children to see (some we've already seen) but I'm just positive I'm missing LOTS of good ones.  In fact, as I sit here I can't come up with many at all so if you can think of one you would add, please list them/it in the comments and I can update the list.  Thank you!

We are Marshall
Schindler's List
The King's Speech
Forest Gump
The Passion (I barely made it through this one the first time, so not sure about a second and with my children)
The Perfect Game
The Blind Side
Ghandi (heard it's good but I haven't seen)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The previous owner of our home didn't do much planting besides some very basic plants.  I'm not sure that I blame them considering the deer pressure that we have here, but I don't think I can do without some pretty flowers and shrubs around!

Fortunately, Narcissus, or daffodils, are generally left alone by the deer.  Therefore, this past fall I planted about 100 daffodils in a patch in front of what we are using as a workshop.  I thought the combination of stone and flowers would be beautiful and it has not disappointed!

It will surprise no one that my favorite variety so far, Replete, has a pinkish center and ruffles.

Also, I've started a new Instagram account!  It's going to focus more on the growing of Frog's Hollow as we work to flush out what the farm is going to grow into!  I'm excited about the possibilities and thrilled with a few of the ideas we have in the pipeline.  If you are interested, we'd love to have you follow along at the_flowerfrog

Friday, April 21, 2017

A New Roof

When we were looking at this house to purchase, a major concern of ours were the roofs of the house and the barns.  All the buildings on the property had cedar shake on them and while they looked rustic and charming, they were also clearly in trouble.  You could see daylight from inside the house (typically cedar shake does not have underlayment) and there were obvious signs of former leaks. Moss was also growing rampantly on the roof, especially where trees were keeping it shaded.  All of this to say, we knew going in that one of the first things we would need to do would be to replace the roof.

(old roof)

The question was what to replace it with?  We both felt that we could not replace it with asphalt shingles.  There is not a thing wrong with asphalt shingles, all of our other houses had them, but it just didn't feel right with a house of this age.  We seriously looked into using cedar again but, unfortunately, we were given the advice over and over again that cedar just isn't the same as it used to be (no more old growth!) and that we would probably have a lot of upkeep and might have to replace it in 15 years!  So that was a no go.

In our area, you often see beautiful slate on old homes.  Unfortunately, it didn't make financial sense to put slate on the house, but our roofer introduced us to engineered slate (fake slate).  At first, I was adamantly opposed to using any material that wasn't real.  However, our roofer had us go look at other homes that had used the product and I was impressed with how great they looked.  So after research and discussion and field trips and more discussion, we ended up using the product.   Now that it's done, it looks really lovely and beautiful.

 It feels good to get such a major thing done and accomplished.  We are trying to work on the basic foundation type of issues with the house, after all what's the point of a new kitchen if your roof doesn't keep water out?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Our Easter was really nice and filled with laughter.  After church in the morning, we came home to get prepared for family plus friends for Easter dinner.  I had plans to have a long table (eating outside since our inside is, frankly, a mess) with daffodils down the center.  However, Mother Nature had other plans as the wind kept knocking all the flowers over causing the tablecloths to be soaked and the flowers to be a bit pitiful.

It was so windy that as we were bringing forkfuls of salad to our lips the wind would knock it right over to the unfortunate person sitting next to us!  Towards the end of the lunch, we even had a very surprising rain shower (two surprising rain showers in fact).

Those unexpected events didn't seem to bring anyone down and, in fact, added to our day.  It was lovely.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bryce's Birthday and a Walk

Yesterday was Bryce's birthday!  While we didn't do anything extravagant, we did go for a very lovely walk along the canal.  The weather was perfect, the light beautiful and it was great to be together with no end game in mind except to enjoy each other and the out of doors.

Here's Grace's gift to Bryce.  I think it's so fun, especially for someone who has multiple weather apps and a weather station running at all times!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Two Rugs

We recently bought two rugs for our library.  We were all over the place in trying to decide what sort of rug to get.  At first we were sure that we would get a broadloom carpet custom cut for our space, but every sample that we looked at reminded me of a hotel carpet.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for our wallet, we ended up falling down the hand-knotted rabbit hole. As I've mentioned, I'm a big, big fan of buying quality, and buying it once, but even for me this was a hard pill to swallow.  The trouble was that we needed two not just one and that sure does add up.  In the end, the benefits won us over and we should never need to buy a rug again (and will plan on passing a rug each to Harris and Grace some day! :)).

We totally lucked out and found two that complimented each other beautifully (no two are ever a like) but will also work in any sort of room down the road.  Here's the short list of why we decided to go this route...

All natural fiber (wool) that won't release anything harmful into the air
Easy to clean and care for (water and soap!)
Will last a lifetime (or more)
Hand made by a human!
Also, these are the only sort of carpet to hold any sort of value (one would never resell broadloom carpet or wall to wall carpet)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fireplace Detail

One of our favorite things about old houses are the details that can be hard to find in today's homes. Thick moldings, stairways that don't meet code, and quirky rooms are all things that I love.  However, every once in a while a detail seems to be missing and I have no problem adding them in.  While I love the double fireplaces in our library, I felt like the mantels were plain and heavy looking.  

We ended up attaching an applique to the front of the mantel.  When it first arrived I was surprised at how big and bulky it was, and I wasn't at all sure about putting it up.  However, after Bryce painted it (did you know you can buy custom spray paint cans?) and attached it, I'm thrilled with how it looks! And, of course, bows and flowers never hurt anyone!

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