Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Exterior Paint Colors

I read somewhere that when you are trying to pick paint colors that it's best to pick one piece of inspiration that you can build around and that is exactly what we did when picking the exterior paint colors.  The entire color scheme was designed around an antique frog door knocker that I got soon after we bought our home!

I find paint colors to be fairly overwhelming, especially on the exterior of a house where it's not easily repainted (or inexpensive!).  When I first started thinking about what color to paint our exterior, I thought I would stick with the same color we painted the garden shed and chicken coop, Ballet White by Benjamin Moore.  However, once I painted a piece of siding, I realized it was a little too stark and I needed something a little warmer.  I borrowed my friends paint deck and started narrowing it down but it was very overwhelming and confusing.

Finally, I called in a designer friend and she gave me a great piece of advice.  She said that when in doubt it's always a good idea to try to match the mortar of whatever stone/brick you are painting around.  In that vain, we decided to go with a warm white called Elmira White.  It's one of the historic colors from Benjamin Moore.  In the spring, we will paint the rest of the siding to match the new addition but for now it will be a bit of a mix up!

I originally wanted to keep our green shutters, we are Frog's Hollow after all, but I've decided to go with a bit more of a black/green.  I love the classic look of black!  Again, the shutters will get painted in the spring.

When we were in England this summer, I absolutely loved some of the doors I saw!  They came in all sorts of colors and they appeared to glow!  I've read up on how exactly they get the doors to look like that (it involves specific paint, lots of different steps and lacquer).  Needless to say, our painter, while very good, wasn't ready to go to that length!  I did find a really lovely color that I love though!  It looks like patinaed copper.  Both the kitchen door and the mudroom door will be this color.  I envision pink roses spilling over around the door...

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tree Trimming

Most of our house feels as if we are living in a disaster zone (butler's pantry, kitchen, dining, bedroom and bathroom are all cleared out so that we have boxes, furniture and misc. stuff everywhere) so we can't do our traditional decorating for Christmas but, of course, we have to have a tree!  I'm so thankful the library is put together enough, though our dining room table is stuffed in there, to be festive and bright. 

For dinner, we had a cozy soup served with pull apart bread in the shape of a tree. 

Grace made this beautiful Gingerbread Cake. 

This year, Harris got an ornament to represent Rosie and Grace got a suitcase since she has such wanderlust!

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