Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pumpkin Carving

Happy Halloween everyone!  I'm going into this holiday with a mixture of emotions.  I've been super nostalgic for Halloween's of past.  At almost 14 and 16 Halloween just isn't a big deal for my children and, in fact, Harris hasn't even pulled a costume together and is unsure if he's going out!  Such a change from years past.

However, we did have our annual pumpkin carving time together!  We made an evening of it and afterwards watched Ghostbusters together (uh,  Bill Murray's character= gross).

We did the carving on our (finally) finished back patio!  It's such a nice space now and we are loving the fireplace, especially this time of year.

Our menu
Halloween cheese board
Pumpkin Chili 
Pumpkin Cupcakes

The cheeseboard was perfect for snacking on while carving as was the warm cider for warming up, it was chilly!

These cupcakes were so easy and were adorable!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Harris and I Travel to Cooperstown, New York

This past week, Harris had a long weekend due to conferences and a teacher work day, so I decided to take him on a little adventure just the two of us.  We've not done a ton of trips with just one child, mainly because we all usually want to go, but with Grace still having school it was the perfect time to go together.  We had the BEST TIME, and I loved having Harris to myself!

Our destination was Cooperstown, New York, home to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  We couldn't believe how quaint, charming and beautiful this town was.  Since it was technically off season, there were no crowds and the fall colors were gorgeous!

We stayed at the historic Otesaga Resort Hotel, which was beautiful and right on the lake.  As soon as we arrived, we went for a walk to check things out.  

We then walked to downtown, which was straight out of a book charming!  Harris and I even attended their town Pumpkin Glow where town members were bringing their carved pumpkins to light up in a row.  Since it was nice and chilly, we got a hot chocolate to warm us up.

Back at the hotel, before dinner, we sat by the fire and played Scrabble.

The next morning, after a yummy breakfast, we headed straight to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  It was particularly fun to be there the morning after the World Series ended.

After the Hall of Fame, Harris and I headed to the Farmer's Museum which is a restored farming village.  It was so peaceful and beautiful there.  Harris and I wandered around visiting the animals and taking photos.  We couldn't believe we had the place all to ourselves!  However, as we were leaving, we started talking to an employee who asked us if we were with the school group that had just gone through, when we said no, it came to light that the museum was actually closed on Mondays!  Oops.  While we certainly didn't do that on purpose, it gave Harris and I  many laughs and will certainly be a story we will remember from our trip together!

this is the turkey's coop.  I'm now trying to get Bryce to build one

Friday, October 26, 2018

Favorite Things #58

I never, ever would have guessed that I would list a tv as one of my favorite things, but this tv is just that good.  We have a tv room upstairs where it's very comfortable to watch movies together, but we felt like we needed a second tv downstairs for when the children were watching upstairs with friends or we wanted to put a game on or we all simply wanted to watch something different.  The problem is that we have never loved the blank, black screen of a tv mounted on the wall and it was even more of an issue in our den where it's already on the dark side.  Enter The Frame by Samsung.  You guys, this tv looks like art on your wall.  I can't tell you how many people are totally gobsmacked when they discover it's actually a tv!  When you aren't watching tv, it simply looks like art (it turns off at night when it gets totally dark in the room).

You have the ability to put up your own pictures or use their artwork and it's totally customizable!  In fact, for the month of October we've had up a picture of the children from years ago as a witch and a wizard.

Monday, October 22, 2018

A Map of Frog's Hollow

After we planted the trees, I had the idea that I wanted to be able to map them out and label them so that I wouldn't ever forget what variety there are.  I asked Grace if she would be willing to sketch me out a map of our property and it turned out so much more darling than I could have imagined!  I can't stop looking at it, I love it that much! 

The wildflower meadow and the small orchard aren't yet actually a part of our property, but rather on our to do list, but Grace went ahead and added them in.  It will probably motivate us to go ahead and get that done!  After-all, it takes a while for fruit trees to bear fruit!

Friday, October 19, 2018


Last night we got our first frost of the season and in the blink of an eye, the flowers were done for the year.  It's so bittersweet, that first frost.  It's sad to see the beautiful flowers go but it's also something of a relief, time to clean up and plan for next year.

I think that the flowers are so beautiful right after a frost!  They only stay this way for an hour or so before turning limp, mushy and black, but it's as if the flowers simply have to go out in a blaze of beauty.  What style they have!

This winter I've got several goals that I"m hoping to achieve.  I really want to get The Flower Frog's website up and running and open an online boutique!  The boutique part came out of a project that I've been working on, in fits and starts, for several years and I"m so excited to finally be making progress. I can't wait to share that with you, but know that it will always include flowers!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Around the Farm

Within the past couple of days it has begun to feel a lot more like fall, in fact our boiler even turned on and the radiators started cranking up!  While we've been happy to have a day or two of sunny, beautiful weather, for the most part it has been rainy and cloudy.  Frankly, it's a bummer and it's made the creek really, really swollen at times.  I hate to see the erosion that this causes.

On a happier note, even with all the rain and clouds, the dahlias that we have are incredibly beautiful.   I've been putting them out on the cart but also in our library and many rooms in between.

I'm loving the pinks and oranges together.

We've put some pumpkins out and put our halloween tree up!  Also, the eyeballs are back in the hedges and they are adorable!

 Chewie is attacking everyone... it's a problem.

Rosie and I have been taking walks in our woods.  She's getting so much better off leash (the cheese has helped!).  Also, aren't these trails that Bryce made beautiful?

So I thought raspberries were a summer crop but ours have been cranking out berries.  The garden is actually a bit of a hot mess right now.  It's time for fall cleanup but I've been moving slowly and the rain hasn't helped.

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