Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Today is going to be a busy one but I wanted to pop in and say Happy Halloween to everyone!  I hope your day is Spooktacular!  Tomorrow I hope to post about the children's costumes, they came together a bit late this year.

Several weeks ago Grace and I passed this beautiful old cemetery and just had to stop to admire it.  It was not spooky or scary at all, just beautiful and peaceful.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Pumpkin Airstream + Truck

While we were camping we took along some pumpkins to carve.  I had seen some darling pumpkins that resembled a trailer and car and thought it would be fun to carve some pumpkins to resemble the Airstream and truck!

Bryce's rendition of the Airstream is very accurate I'd say!

 They looked very festive all lit up at night!

Of course, we roasted the pumpkin seeds over the fire and they were delicious!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Airstream Adventure #4

Over the weekend we took the Airstream out for one last trip before winter sets in.  Of course, it felt like winter because it was COLD but there's something very appealing about bundling up and sitting by the fire on a beautiful fall weekend.  We made chili, carved pumpkins, went for bike rides (brrr), hiked to Small Falls and enjoyed a lovely view.  Here are a few snaps shots of our weekend and I hope you too had a beautiful weekend!

P.S.  Since we came home and unpacked, everything smells like smoke!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Wire Spiderweb

We added a doorway spiderweb to our Halloween decorations this year.  I saw a lovely wire spiderweb on Pinterest (it doesn't have a link) and tried to recreate something similar.

We used black jewelry wire to create the web.  We hung it by the back door and even though it subtle, it's a pretty Halloween touch!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


For the past couple of years, we have had the luxury of having a lady come and clean the house every other week and I have loved it.  Really, really loved it.  However, I have lately started feeling that our children should be learning to clean and take care of their own home.  Not only do I want them to know how to actually clean bathrooms and bedrooms but I want them to be invested in taking care of their things.  I want them to know the rewards of working hard to keep something nice and feel the pride that comes with getting work done.  If I'm honest, our children don't have to work very hard around our house.  Yes, they certainly have chores every day but we don't live on a farm where there are endless chores that must be done and cleaning our home is one area where I feel they should and can help.  I really want to emphasize that this is just what I feel is good for our family.  This break just feels right for us now- we certainly may eventually go back to having a cleaner at some point (every cleaning day I wonder if it's been long enough for them to have learned a lesson!  ha!).

Once we made the decision to have the children help clean, I knew that I wanted to be more careful about the products they are using.  The Honest Company had a sale that I took advantage of and bought some products to try out.  It makes me feel better knowing that the children aren't breathing in toxic fumes as they clean!

P.S.  I'd love to know how everyone handles chores at their house.  We cannot seem to get a smooth and reliable system going!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Grace Hosts a Halloween Party

Grace has wanted to plan and host a family Halloween party ever since last year.   She made it happen this weekend and I couldn't be more proud of the job she did!  It turns out that my girl is quite the party planner!  She was organized and well prepared by the time the party got here (which I cannot always say about myself!), and though she handled the majority of the planning and preparing herself, I so enjoyed spending this time with her as we shopped, cooked and prepped together.


She made the invitations herself.

The Food

Grace chose the menu with minimal help from me.  She also made the food with the exception of the main course.

Moldy Cheese Plate

Mini Mummies and Eyeball salad

Rotten Pumpkin and Squid In Pasta with Bone Breadsticks

Ghostly Cake

The Drinks

Grace made ice cubes with worms and critters to serve with Sprite at dinner.  

To serve with the Ghostly Cake she painted the inside of glasses with melted chocolate and then poured milk in them.

We also had a few adult drinks but Grace didn't plan those!


Grace also planned several party activities.  Using various candies, our candy bin came in handy, they made Halloween monsters.  This was a super fun activity and the monsters turned out darling super scary!

We also played Halloween Bingo!

Favors and Thank You

As the party wrapped up, Grace gave everyone party favors and a thank you note!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Blogging Friends and Thank You

Earlier in the week, I received a lovely email from a reader, Kristin, who wanted to let me know about an adorable sweater that she thought I might like (I do!).  Her email got me to thinking about how nice it has been to become virtual friends with people through this blog.   Last week, to the children's delight, we received a "monster package" from Katherine Marie.  Just like its sender it was  thoughtful, kind and fun.  I've had the pleasure of corresponding with Emma (she's so charming) who even sent me a delicious hand cream all the way from England!  Leah, Nina, Holly and Sherri (her wonderful family blog is private) are all bloggers who I've had conversations with about life outside of this blog, exchange Christmas cards with,  learn new things from and who I count as friends even though I've never met them!  Also, there are those who pop up every now and again with a comment,  a question, advice and/or encouragement.  All of this to say, I'm so appreciative of the people who take the time away from busy days to come to this space.  "Meeting" friends here has expanded and enriched my life in such positive ways and I'm excited to further develop those friendships and make new ones.  Thank you and happy weekend!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Favorite Things #37

I cook almost every evening but sometimes it's really nice to know that I have a tasty, healthy, quick and easy dinner up my sleeve for those evening where time is short or I just don't feel like cooking.  I've come to rely on Dave's Gourmet Sauces for just such evenings.  We all love the Butternut Squash Sauce and have recently tried the Vegetable Pasta Sauce, which also earned rave reviews.

I also love that I can pronounce and know what all the ingredients are!  I've found that at my local grocery store the price per bottle is rather steep, but at Wegmans it's a couple dollars less so I tend to stock up when I make a trip there.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family Photos

I just got back the photos from our session with Tyler and thought I'd share how they turned out.  I'm learning that just because the children aren't babies doesn't mean it's that much easier to get good photos!  In most of the pictures at least one of us (including Bryce and I) has a funny expression but I guess that life isn't perfect so why should our pictures be?  I'm super happy to capture our family right where we are and I thought I'd share a few of the pictures!

I love the pictures of the children!


Seriously, she's almost as tall as me!  I have on heels!

I really love this picture of Bryce and Harris, the two best looking boys in my life!

I think this one might be my favorite?

Or maybe this one?

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