Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Food


I know that Valentines has come and gone but I still have a couple more days worth of Valentine's posts.  Can you stay with me?  Yesterday was really all about the food...

Since Valentine's landed on a school day we had to fix a quick breakfast for Grace before she headed off to school.  I made a cute breakfast sandwich which was very tasty and quite filling.

Bryce made me a latte with a foam heart!  It was delicious.

I gave each of the children a piece of fruit with these adorable stickers on them.  I sent the pear with Bryce to work!

We went simple with lunch (Harris' at home and Grace's packed lunch too!).  I just cut out hearts from their cranberry and turkey sandwiches.  They also had strawberry yogurt with a few heart sprinkles.

Again, we kept it simple for dinner with a salad and a heart shaped pizza.  As an extra treat we all had strawberry crushes (and it was a treat- the children never get soda!).  But really?  What's Valentine's Day without a crush?

For the salad I made heart croutons, heart beets and heart carrots so that it was very heart healthy!  This little tip on how to make heart carrots came in handy.


  1. Awe- You are the coolest mom ever! haha.
    I love all the heart food.

  2. OK. I'm going into a tiz over this post! It is so entertaining. One delightful treat after another, and such fun photos. I wish all stay-at-home moms would see your blog, try the ideas with their families, and enjoy!

  3. You are so amazing. I am guessing that pizza was gluten free. How do you do it. Inspiring.

  4. I hope these valentine posts never stop! You are incredible!

  5. Wow, the latte looks awesome!! I can imagine how delicious it is!
    BTW, take care of your teeth so that you can have more delicious food, lol.


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