Friday, February 11, 2011

Grace's Valentines

Grace has just finished her Valentine's cards for her classmates and we are delighted with them!  Using glow sticks and cut out hearts Grace made cupid's arrow.

In order to give the hearts a little Valentine's pizzazz, Grace used watercolors to paint reds, pinks and yellows on thick watercolor paper.  She then cut out the hearts using cookie cutters as a guide.

The glow sticks were purchased at Michaels for a total of $2!

On each heart she wrote either, "You make my heart glow," or "You light up my world."


  1. Wish I'd have thought of that. Just delightful! Is there no end to the creative juices at your house!?

  2. Super cute! Grace is taking after her mom in the creative department isn't she?

  3. Love em love em love em! HER classmates are so lucky to have such a creative friend!

  4. Love it, love it!!What a super idea!!

  5. These are equally adorable!
    Your a fantastic mom!


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