Monday, February 14, 2011

The Love Finders

Happy Valentine's Day!  Last week the children played "love finders!"  Their mission?  To find love of course!  They even went so far as to make heart eye patches, which I thought was pretty clever.  And wrapping paper tubes were the perfect telescope!

A pet mouse got in on the action.

Of course, there were love boats!

I hope to post Harris' valentines later today!  I hope you all have a very sweet day!


  1. Am sure it wasn't difficult to find lots of love at your house! Cute pictures. My Valentine brought home a chocolate dessert at noon from where he volunteers. It was good. I know 'cause he gave me the whole thing!

  2. Haaa Haaa, I love it! I love all of it, the eye patch, the laundry baskets! (We call them the multi purpose, because mine never see laundry...just creative kids!)
    I can't imagine there voyage was very long at your house, it would be hard to miss LOVE! You radiate love through your blog!


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