Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Presidents

Yesterday, I had planned an activity or two to do for President's Day, but when the day rolled around I found myself without the proper materials and/or ingredients.  Instead, I saw a post on Design Mom that had a lovely letterpressed poster of all our past presidents.  Even though I thought it was darling I really have no need for such a thing.  However, I did think that it would be really fun to have the children create one.  It turned out to be a great way to talk a little bit about the presidents and how each one brought something different- looks and otherwise- to the White House!

On a large sheet of construction paper we pre-drew the heads for the children to fill in (I got the idea for the heads from this post).  For each President we looked his picture up on the internet and read some fun facts  and stories about him from So You Want to Be President by Judith St. George and Our White House.

Both children did great with sticking with this project, though Grace definitely drew more Presidents.  We had fun picking out patterns (there was a string of bearded Presidents) and changes in style (powdered wigs and ruffled shirts to gray hair and ties).  It was also fun to see how the children would add in details such as wrinkles for the oldest President ever elected and a handle bar moustache for the only President to also serve as Chief Justice.


  1. I absolutely adore your blog! I love this idea for Presidents today!! I have to try this next year, since I didn't do anything this year!!oops! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Okay that is so AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I'm just smiling from ear-to-ear. AND just to let you know how great minds think alike I HAVE THAT BOOK ON ORDER from Amazon. :):) I can't WAIT! Your idea to do presidents is just marvelous, just marvelous!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this and will have to do something similar with my oldest next year... He loves learning about our Presidents... :)

  4. This is too much fun! My kids would absolutely love this!!!


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