Monday, February 21, 2011

Harris' Happenings

Happy President's Day everyone! We are working on a President's Day activity, but it's not finished.  If the truth be known, I've really been rather lazy the past few days (but not on Saturday- I'll post about that soon). This morning Harris came in to tell me that he had no underwear and I couldn't understand it until I realized that I haven't done any laundry!

Anyway, Harris seems to have had a lot going on and so I thought I would do a quick post about my very favorite little fellow!

You might notice that Harris' smile is a little different!  His front tooth was knocked out! Harris has a bit of a weird history with teeth.  When he was only 9 months old he was pulling up on a coffee table and teething it at the same time.  Unfortunately, he forgot to stop teething it as he pulled up and it pulled his one bottom tooth parallel to the floor.  Thankfully, the dentist was able to push it back up, but it didn't survive past two years and the dentist had to pull his bottom two teeth due to damage.  On Friday, Grace, her friend, and Harris were playing outside.  A stick was swung, accidentally hit Harris and knocked his tooth out!  Harris has lost three teeth and not one was lost naturally!  Of course, the tooth fairy still visited!

I have been remiss in updating everyone on Harris' scope results.  They were good!  He had 10 eosiniphilles which his Doctors count as a pass!  Wheat has been put back in his diet and he will have a scope in May.  So far, so good!  It could turn out to be corn, wheat or both but I'm just happy that we seem to have found the culprit(s).

Harris just celebrated his 100th day of school.  I'm so thankful that he loves school, his teacher and his good buddies in his class!  (He had to make a t-shirt for 100 day- we glued 100 googly eyes on a shirt!)

We are having a bit of an issue with Harris and the itouch/computer (both of which are the families).  Anytime he is not quite sure what to do he requests to play.  It's like he has forgotten how to play by himself, although it's never been his strength.  He prefers to have Grace play with him (and he says that I don't play with him- which I really don't.  Projects? Yes.  Play?  Not really.  I should work on that.)  Anyway, I foresee some serious time restrictions in our future.  I fear that if we don't set limits now it will be too late sooner rather than later.  And maybe some clean socks would help too!


  1. Ok the eyes on the shirt for the 100th day is genius! We have the same issues here with computer/ iTouch/tv. If Jack is not doing Legos he wants to be entertained by something digital or his sister/friends/me. I think girls are much better entertaining themselves. At least Jack helps me fix the computer :)

  2. How exciting that you get to add Wheat back into the diet! Very cool. Love the eye shirt too.
    I remember my son went through a phase where he "forgot" how to play by himself when he started school. Maybe because they are used to being around so many people all day long (kids and teachers) that it feels strange to play alone when you get home? Who knows. We had to restrict the wii time after that. But he has "relearned" how to play by himself again. Thank goodness.

  3. Looks like fate has it that Harris almost keeps up with Grace on tooth loss. Amazing that stick only got one front tooth. The eyes are too much! Wondering if all the class did the same thing. Perhaps when Harris begins to read, he'll be fascinated with science, nature, or woodworking books.

  4. I love the shirt! I will keep that in mind when my preschooler has to do something for the 100th day of school when he is in kindergarten next year. Brillant!
    Glad you got a good report from the scope!

  5. Glad to hear that harris is going to try wheat again. that opens up so much. Too bad about the tooth, ask Kelly about AK's tooth loss!

  6. we did the 100 googly eyes, too! love it:)
    after the grandparents gifted the kids with a dsi xl and a wii for cmas (mind you, we didn't own a tv LOL) we had to put limits on the usage - weekends only. and you know, it took about a week to "sink in" for them (they're 5 & 7) but, it works (and no more arguing about doing their screen time).

  7. I adore his new SMILE and that EYEBALL SHIRT! heheheheh... so cute! what a clever teacher he has to request a TEE for the special day. I'm sure the teacher appreciates all your fantastic creative ideas too. Computers and kids... OH MY--- THAT is such a hard subject. With a teen who loves computers and games it is one area that I would mind SKIPPING in the parenting department. I would be happy to live back before indoor plumbing if I didn't have to deal with computer issues and kids! :)

  8. That shirt is so cute! I am visiting my sister, and she told me today that she wanted to celebrate her sons birthday, tomorrow...and her daughters the next day...before we leave. She wants me to plan I have about one hour to make some serious plans....I think that eyeball shirt may have to be on the is just too adorable!!!


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