Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Harris' Valentines

Even though Harris' Valentines were a month in the making I do believe they might be my favorite Valentines we've made! I love that they were a learning experience as well as a fun craft to make for friends!

A while ago,  Harris and I were looking through a book trying to find a science experiment to do.  I came upon a recipe for rock candy and we thought that it would be fun to make for Valentines.  We proceeded to make a test batch which quickly proved that it would not work for what we were intending to do (it stayed too liquid).  After a little bit of research on the web I came upon a recipe that got lots of great ratings and was very straightforward.  Harris and I went to work (the candy must get very hot so Harris was well supervised!) and made a new batch of candy.  This time we put lollipop sticks in the mixture hoping that the crystals would form on the sticks.

Two weeks later, the crystals had indeed formed on the sticks, but unfortunately they formed so well that the lollipop sticks were stuck to the bottom! This meant that Bryce had to pull out the mallet and chip away at the candy!  Apparently, I should have heeded the recipe's advice to hang strings into the mixture.

Bryce was able to safely get each lollipop stick out of the jar and even though they were far from perfect we used them all.

After watching Grace watercolor her Valentine's, Harris wanted to do the same.  The colors worked out perfectly with the candy (which turned out a pretty pink).  Again, we cut the hearts out using cookie cutters for templates.  Harris also had the idea to make the lollipop the arrow through the heart which I think was brilliant.


  1. These are pure awesome!!!!
    He must have been a proud valentine giver! =)

  2. I LOVE these... The captions are just perfect, too...

  3. Those turned out phenomenal! That was well worth the time, he should be very proud of those!

  4. That was indeed a brilliant idea Harris had. I wish I was a kid at your house. You have so much creative and adventuresome fun! (It must have been a trick to not break that jar.) How great to use an experiment as a Valentine project.


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