Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chocolate Spoons

We don't always give the children a gift for Valentine's Day but this year inspiration struck!  Remember the garden markers that I made this past summer?  I had the idea that I could make chocolate spoons with a little love note stamped on them.  I loved the idea that they wouldn't know that there was a surprise message for them until after they melted the chocolate!

It was easy coming up with what to stamp- the children and I always go round and round saying, "I love you... MORE!"  I believe my Mom started that when I was a child!  

After stamping the spoons, I melted chocolate (I used dark chocolate) in a coffee mug.  I used the mug so that I could get some good depth to cover the spoon.  After dipping the spoons in the chocolate I let them sit on waxed paper for a bit before I dipped again.  I dipped three times and then popped them in the refrigerator to completely harden.

We warmed up some milk and the children made hot chocolate with their spoons!  

Grace has already asked if she can give it to her children!  Wouldn't that be lovely? 


  1. My spoons turned out letters kept skipping or else just didn't show up. Oh well the kids liked them and felt special. That's the point...right?

  2. Just beautiful. Such a sweet little idea and something they will treasure always, I am sure.

  3. What a sweet surprise that must have been for them (pardon the pun). My spoons are where I enjoy them every day. A special keepsake.

  4. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Brilliant idea!!!

  5. I LOVE those! Yet another idea of yours i must copy!

  6. Last year when you did your garden spoons I about flipped. These Valentine chocolate spoons are to die for! You are so very clever!!!!!!

  7. So cute...guess what..the spoon on the right looks just like my silver pattern. Is it Courtship by International?

    I have loved all your Valentine's ideas!


  8. What a great idea! I love that you are enjoying your children so much...and they will have such wonderful memories of their childhood!


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