Saturday, April 28, 2018

New, Old Chairs

Well over a year ago, I went on a quest to find a pair of chairs for an old farm table that we are using as a desk and communal computer spot in our den.  I really had it in mind that I wanted metal chairs with some patina.  Most of my search was done online because I discovered, after quick walk throughs, that none of my usual haunts had what I was looking for.

I learned that during the 60/70's a company named Mastercraft made brass chairs that are now considered fairly collectable due to their patina and nice lines.  Most of the ones I found were out of our price range but, I did find a pair on Etsy that were affordable* and looked, from the pictures, to be in good shape.  I've never ordered furniture online before (especially used!) but went ahead and ordered them.  When they arrived I was dumbfounded to discover that they were spray painted brass tone!  To add insult to injury, the paint job wasn't even good!  In fact, there were drip marks on the frames of the chairs.  I just couldn't believe it.  Fortunately, the gentleman I bought them from agreed to give me a nice chunk of my money back.

For the past year or so we've just lived with them knowing that we would have them recovered eventually.  Finally, last month during one of our last snows, I tackled stripping the gold paint off of the frames.  It was quite the messy project but very satisfying.

All in all, I'm very happy with how they turned out.  There is some pitting on the legs and arms but we will call that patina!  We have no idea what type of metal the chairs are.  They look like brass, but a magnet doesn't stick to them so who knows.  I had them recovered in a Ralph Lauren linen that I really think complements the weathered frames.

*I don't actually care all that much if the ones I got are the name brand or not, it was the look, not the name, I was going for.

Monday, April 16, 2018


We have chicks!  Since well before we moved to the farm, I've been dreaming of having fresh, and pretty, eggs.  Even though I've read two books about chickens I have to say that I am going into this with lots of questions and uncertainty.  While everyone says they are easy to care for, it seems to me to be rather complicated and confusing.  However, I'm hoping that the actual keeping of them will start to make sense as we do it.

Friday afternoon we picked up our chicks and so far so good.  We are keeping them under a heat lamp in the basement where the boiler is still running because, you know, it's still winter.  Several people have told me to be sure to pick them up and handle them frequently so the children and I are trying to do that daily.  You guys, they are so cute!

(taken on one of the two warm days we've had)

Harris and Grace are naming them but only as names come to them.  So far, Harris has named one Chewbawka and Grace has named another two Ms. March and Jo March (from Little Women).

We got three different varieties and six chicks total.  We have Black Giants, Americauna and Light Brahmas.  Wish us luck!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Telluride, Colorado

Last week, we took a break from school, renovation and dreary weather for a ski trip to Telluride.  We had never been and it was such a treat.  The weather was beautiful (it may have been chilly but the sun made up for it!), snow conditions were good despite lack of snow early in the season and it was really, really good family time.

only in Colorado (ok, the southwestern states) does my hair ever look this flat!

Telluride was such a charming town.  The people were friendly, the food good and the views spectacular.

We all took a lesson the first day which really helped us all.  In fact, Harris who left skiing and took up snowboarding a few years ago, made incredible progress and just might have surpassed us all- at least in the going fast category!

I had read that Telluride was known for its steep slopes but boy were they intimidating to me!  We were told by several people that what might usually, on any other mountain, be a black was a blue at Telluride.  We skied mostly blues but Bryce and the children did do some blacks.  I, on the other hand, stuck with blues!

Our favorite lunch was at Alpino Vino, which is only accessible on See Forever run.

We stayed in Mountain Village (many thanks to a blogging friend, Leah, for all the incredible suggestions!) which was only a gondola ride away from downtown Telluride.

On one of our very last runs of the trip, Harris caught a back edge on slushy snow, wiped out and cracked his helmet!  Thank goodness the helmet did its job!

Our last full day we rented bikes, with fat tires for riding through snow, and biked the river path.  It was fun but a little dicey as it had mud and ice.  I might have fallen off of my bike a time or two...

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