Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

We had a great afternoon today!  We (my Mom included) went to a pumpkin farm and picked out our pumpkins to carve.  We have gone to a farm every year since we have had Grace so it's a tradition that we all look forward to.  Today was the perfect day for it, it was crisp and cool.  The farm that we go to is about 30 minutes away, but it is such a beautiful drive with all the trees changing colors and the old stone farmhouses, that it is worth it to make the extra trek.  

We went on a short hayride before heading out to the fields.

Grace picked out a pumpkin....

and Harris picked out many.  He finally settled on one!

He gets all the best rides.

One of the really neat things about the farm is that on the drive in they have pumpkins that they have dressed up, painted and decorated to look like people.  I love how clever each one is!  Here are some of our favorites.

Why is it that Stars Wars never gets old?

I love this one!

This was the children's favorite, especially Harris.  They are huge Curious George fans.

Kind of makes me want one.


  1. What fun! I love how they dressed up the pumpkins.

  2. Beautiful colors. Beautiful people. Happy carving!

  3. The farm sounds great! Glad you guys had so much fun!

  4. Those were great pictures--I love the one of Grace in the pumpkin patch and also lying down by her pumpkin. Harris just seems to be jubilant at the whole experience! Have a fun week! Linda


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