Friday, October 24, 2008

A Love Story

Can there be a love story about a tree?  I think so.   

We had some boxwoods put in the front of the house today (our porch is FINALLY done, I'll post pictures soon) and our small but mighty tree was transplanted yet again.  I chose to do a post about our tree because I want this story to be written down.  Twelve (and a half!) years ago Bryce and I received this Japanese Maple tree as a wedding gift.  At our first home we planted it in the corner of our yard and the corner promptly sank.  Thus the tree grew crooked.

When we moved across town we dug the tree up and transplanted it to our new home.  There the tree sat in a pot and wasn't planted until we began work on our landscaping several years later.

When we moved (850 miles away) again five years later we dug the tree up and transplanted it once again.  Except this time we were really overwelmed and the tree was not a priority.  Therefore, it sat in a pot for two years without any attention.  Finally we planted it.  

Today, it was moved again.  How this tree continues to live and grow is beyond me.  But I have begun to draw a parallel between the tree and our marriage.  As long as Bryce and I continue to grow the tree will too.  I love the tree and I love Bryce.  That's a love story. 

P.S.  If the tree dies next year from this latest transplant please forget you ever read this story because the parallel will have to end there!



  1. I love a good love story...with a happy ending! You better take good are of that tree!


  2. Very cool parallel... Now you need to what ever it takes to keep that tree healthy!!!


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