Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween Tree Ornaments

Have I mentioned that I am surrounded by enormously talented family members?  I am.  Bryce can do just about anything, Harris truly believes this is so, my in-laws have many talents and my mother is extremely creative.  I just come up with the ideas and watch in wonder as everyone is able to execute them so beautifully.  

We put up our Halloween tree this weekend.  This is a highlight of our Halloween decorations.  We started this when Grace was a baby and will continue it until the children absolutely refuse to wear costumes anymore.  My mom makes the most amazing costumes for the children every year.  I don't know how she does it, but they are beautiful.  Graces loves the fact that Grandma makes her costume and to be honest so do I.  

Not only does she make the costumes, but she makes miniature costumes to hang on the tree.  Exact replicas of the originals.  I love the fact that years from now, long after the costumes no longer fit, I will be opening up memories from Halloween's past.   

The lion costume from last year.
The mermaid costume from 3 years ago.
Harris was a frog 2 years ago.


  1. Both the costumes and the ornaments are absolutely amazing, year after year! Way to go, Mooms!

  2. Just this morning (after seeing the Monster Mash dancing), I was hoping you would post about the Halloween tree. It is one of the things I love that you do(I love lots more than that...). My Halloween Costume scrapbook is my attempt to replicate your (and your mom's) idea.
    Just precious...

  3. I still want your mom to adopt me so I can ask her to do all these adorable things for me. (this is still part of my striving to be you when I grow up)


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