Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daisy Cupcakes

I'm feeling very much like a domestic diva today, although I'm not sure that diva is the correct word for how I feel because I didn't get snitty or demanding (though I did demand that Harris go play on his own for a while, does that count?). I spent the morning cleaning the house- or more accurately three rooms of the house- and then I made cupcakes!

Grace's Daisy troop celebrated the birthday of Juliette Gordon Low so I made daisy cupcakes. If I do say so myself they turned out really cute and they were really easy! (Of course I can't take the credit for the idea; it was from a Martha magazine).


  1. Aren't those the cutest! What a domestic goddess you are!


  2. Those look yummy! I know the troop appreciated it!

  3. Great cupcakes. My mind is trying to figure out the flavors.

  4. Sweet ideas! Thanks for posting. When I was looking for new kitchen cabinets I went with these guys. Great prices and selection.


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