Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Last night we had our annual night before Halloween dinner which consisted of eyeball soup with a side of roach and a worm infested drink! We ate by candlelight and had a frightfully good time! As Grace left for school this morning Harris exclaimed, "Grace, I can't believe that you have school right in the middle of Halloween!" They were both really excited! Grace participated in the school parade and then her class had a party.

This evening we (along with another couple) headed over to a friends house and had dinner together before we all went trick or treating. The children had a great time playing together and walking around town filling their bags. They got a lot of loot!
I wanted to include a picture of Brendan, the children's cousin. My Mom also made his pirate costume, and I think that he looks terrific. I liked the costume so much I jokingly (actually I was serious but pretended to be joking just in case she didn't go for it) asked her to make Harris one for the pirate party coming up.


  1. What fun! The costumes are just fabulous. I know you were the hit of the town!

  2. Hi Anna,
    These are great fun pictures for a Halloween person like me--your Mom did an outstanding job on the costumes and all of your festive decorations were great--lucky friends to get invited to your party! Linda

  3. I am enjoying your blog so much. I want to get started on ours so you can follow us too. We have so much going on I would love to share. Thank you
    Aunt Jeni


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