Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glowing skeletons and Halloween decorations

I thought I'd post some of our other Halloween decorations. We go more for cute rather than scary! I gave the children their Halloween pajamas last night (I have a real weakness for pajamas). They love them! The most exciting thing? They glow in the dark. We got a lot of laughs because of their excitement about running around in the dark being skeletons.

We hung ghosts from the chandelier. They are made out of paper cupcake holders and the children drew eyes on them.

The Halloween tree with costume ornaments.

You can't really tell (not a great picture) but those are paper pumpkins in the windows that we made from a Martha Stewart kit.


  1. I like it! A blog I read made some really cute Halloween countdown bags...check them out...


  2. We are still laughing over the childrens' p.j.s. How fun is that! Our day is brighter.
    Gran & Grandpa


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