Thursday, October 16, 2008


As I was downstairs in the office today, the children were up in the attic doing a craft.  I was on my way to join them but I got involved in an eavesdropping activity.  I love listening to their conversations!  Here's what Grace said to Harris, "I can't wait until dinner tonight when I can tell everyone about how I played violin at school."

Now I know that there is nothing earth shattering about that statement but it made me really happy because that is why we eat dinner together, at the table, every single night.  It often seems like we eat too late but eating together is something that I simply cannot give up.  I think that it is too important to our family.  Grace inadvertently confirmed that something Bryce and I hold dear is also meaningful to her and that makes me happy.  It's nice to think that every once in a while we might, just maybe, be doing something right.


  1. Got to make a mom feel good...Grace is going to be so much like you and enjoy the important things in life!

  2. You and Bryce are doing lots right. The children are blessed, and you are a lovely family.

  3. Wow-very rewarding! When did you guys begin eating together at the table? Annika goes to bed between 6:30-7:00, so it saddens me that we can't enjoy that together yet.

  4. Ashley-If my memory serves me correctly it wasn't until well after she turned 1. The same goes for Harris, he used to go to bed really early as well. Funny how you forget those things. It seems like we have been in this routine forever!


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