Monday, October 13, 2008

Pirate Playhouse

Towards the end of last winter Harris and Bryce had a conversation that went something like this....

Harris: Let's play pirates!

Bryce: You know, we should build you a pirate ship to play in.

Harris: Really?

Bryce: Sure, why not?

Harris: Can we build it now?

Harris (approximately once a day since the original conversation): Can we build it now?

Bryce (on Sat. morning): Yes, we can!

Bryce and Harris started working on the pirate ship Saturday morning. First they went to pickup materials; it took forever and they had to go to a second building supply place and wait for the rental truck to get them home. While they were out, they had lunch together and talked about their plans. I was worried about how a three (almost four!) year old would do trying to get materials for so long, but Bryce said he did great. He is so excited about building and helping Bryce that he is really engaged in this project. They came home and got started right away. Harris is a great helper and stays quite focused. Way to go Harris!

The pirate ship plans are from the book, Treehouses & Playhouses You Can Build. I found it online and let me tell you it has some amazing treehouses and playhouses in it. It's worth looking through for the entertainment value alone.


  1. Bryce does not do anything half way, so I know this ship will be amazing!!
    I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. The ship is way more than what I had imagined. I should have known. Have to say, your report of Harris' attention to the project reminds me of his dad when he was that age. Wish we were there to watch it develop!...and to share in the building.


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