Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Health Tracks

I took Grace and Harris to the doctor today so that Grace could get her ankle checked again and both children could get their flu shot. I vacillate every year about whether to get the flu shot or not but their doctor really encouraged it this year.

We had to take Grace back to the radiologist to get another x-ray. In a move that could quite possibly win me mother of the year, I did not take Grace to get her ankle checked until a week after she injured it. I really thought she was being a bit dramatic but finally I called the doctor only to discover that I really should have brought her in earlier. Apparently, children don't usually sprain their ankle because of elasticity in the muscles at such an early age. Who knew? Probably loads of people besides me! Anyway, the doctor thought perhaps she had a slight fracture. One trip to the radiologist proved that everything looked fine. However, because the area is still tender and because it is on a growth plate we had to do another just to be sure. Hopefully, everything will be fine and I can rest easy that I have not permanently damaged Grace by not rushing her to the doctor!

While I was at the doctors office, our lovely pediatrician, who is pregnant, realized that I was the one who had come in with a health history book. She explained that she had been trying to figure out who she saw with it and asked if she could copy down the name and author. The book is called Health Tracks: a child's health history by Jennifer Cofield and Toni Wanebo. The book has different "chapters" to fill out about your child's health. I take mine with me to every doctor's appointment and it has come in handy on several occasions. Personally, I wouldn't want to be without something like this. It covers every aspect of a child's health history in one place.


  1. Anna,
    I love all of the pictures of the children and reading what is going on--you really do have a talented Mom! From what I have seen, your house is beautiful--I think you may just have her touch with decorating! I need some kitchen pictures--I've heard how fantastic it is. I have always dreamed of fixing up an old house, so I am enjoying seeing you actually get to do it--and lucky you, having a talented husband who can do some of the work! Linda

  2. Does that book tell you to not take your kids to the doctor if they hurt themselves??? HA

    Don't we always feel terrible when things like that happen. Thank goodness she is fine.


  3. Thanks Linda! As I recall you have the knack for decorating yourself! I will post about the kitchen, can you believe we don't have many pictures of the finished product? I'm going to rectify that soon (I just have to get the clutter off of the countertops!).


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