Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parade and Party!

This was a big weekend for us.  Today was the children's parade and following was our party.  We live right across the street from where the parade starts and ends so it's fun to have the children over for snacks and games afterwards. We were lucky and had fantastic weather after an all day rain yesterday.  We had good food, fun games and great company.


Popcorn was in the cauldron, skeletons on the tray, witches brew and cakepops.


Grace made the signs for each game, they turned our really cute!


I (Harris helped) made 95 skeleton cookies.
I made cakepops and they were really good, but I need to work on my icing technique!



  1. What fun! The decorations are just perfect, the food looked fabulous and the games were so neat!! I was glad to see that you tried the cake pops. I was wondering how they would turn out outside of Bakerella's kitchen. Skeleton cookies were so cute...I have never seen that idea before. You did a super job on the party!

  2. Your party looks like it was tons of fun! How festive. I love the skeleton cookies and your Halloween banner is so cute. What a fun day!

  3. What an awesome party! I wish we lived in your neighborhood! I LOVED all your cute decorations!


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