Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Attic Remodel=Playroom and Guest Room

One of my favorite places to be in our house is the attic. It's bright and cheery and who doesn't love an attic room? When we first bought the house the previous owners had put up some "walls" that seemed to be made of cardboard but basically the attic had not been touched.

The attic was a challenge to finish because access is not easy. The first few steps at the bottom are very narrow and it's difficult to fit things through the doorway. This problem was solved by putting everything (even the sleeper sofa) through the dormer window! We really debated about whether to go to the trouble and expense of putting in a bathroom but ultimately decided to go for it. Boy are we glad we did! The attic now serves as both a playroom (handy to have a bathroom) and a guest suite (also handy to have a bathroom). The sofa bed is a Lazy Boy and the mattress has both inner springs and an air bladder - it's very comfortable.

The black square is painted with chalk paint and magnetic paint.

The reading nook. The frog sconce is from the nursery in Atlanta. I love that we found a permanent home for it. When I ordered the pillows I thought they were going to be full sized! Fortunately, they work perfectly under the window.

Since the ceiling slopes at into 5 foot high walls, we decided to use this space for a built in cabinet. It's perfect for toys and books.

This is where we do a lot of art. I'm thinking that we might have to upgrade the table soon, the children have really started to enjoy spreading out.

The children love to play dress-up!


  1. What a wonderful space. I do remember how comfy that bed is...I really need to come and try it out again! Take pics of the bathroom and share too.

    It made me laugh about the size of the pillows...I would do something like that too.

  2. Design your room in a way that will let you use the space near the roof pitch's lowest point. Insulation and ventilation are essential in the attic-remember that heat always rises, and attics can become very hot.


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