Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Polka Dot Party

Our family polka dot party was such a fun time-  Grace loved having her family celebrate together!  Even though is was just the five of us I still wanted it to be special for Grace.  I drew inspiration from an old Martha Stewart Kids (thanks Nina for making sure I knew about it) and an adorable dress that I purchased for Grace last year when it went on sale.

Here are some scenes from the evening...

Each of us wore adorable gumball necklaces!  I made them after seeing them at One Charming Party.  

Above the table we strung dots from the chandelier.  They were just office supply labels stuck together on fishing wire!  They were quite festive!

For dinner we ate polka dot rice, meatballs and dotted fruit.

After dinner, we played rounds of bingo.  I printed out the boards and we used M&M's for markers.  Since I already had the ping pong balls all I had to do was write numbers on them.  Of course we also had to have prizes.  I used bubble wrap as a bag and filled it with dot candy, rubber bouncy balls and more gumballs!

We also read the book, Dotty by Erica S. Perl.  It's a sweet book about imaginary friends and staying true to yourself.

As always, Bryce and I made the cake.  I made marshmallow fondant to make the bow.  I'm already looking forward to getting Carey's painting!

At the end of the evening Grace opened some of her gifts from family.  She chose to save a few until our morning panCAKE tradition celebration.


  1. A wonderful party with all her favorite people. Her cake looks perfect and the bow on it looks wonderful! Happy Birthday Grace!

  2. I love love love polka dots...and you have turned them into a fairy tale!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Awe- what a cute party. I love it. That cake is amazing. I tried to make marshallow fondant a couple times and although it tasted great i had a hard time getting it to cooperate with me. I am wondering if the altitude needed me to make an adjustment. Anyhow, yours looks just perfect.

  4. I love the cake too! Just beautiful. I'll have to try and make the gumball necklaces some day. I was thinking it would be difficult not to crack the gumball while poking holes in it.

  5. an adorable party, but what I kept thinking while look at these pictures is what a happy and loving girl Grace seems to be and how your enthusiasm for her overflows on the page. It warms my heart right up!

  6. What could we add to what has already been said. The cake matching the dress (which is lovely) really stands out. Surely Grace will cherish this birthday created with such abundance and varitety of 'dots' just for her and her very special day!
    Gran and Grandpa

  7. Happy Birthday Grace...I love you and miss you. Can't wait to see you.

  8. Super cute party- thanks for sharing! Sometimes a small family party is the best!


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