Monday, April 19, 2010

A goodie bag for the birds

Yesterday, we discovered a nest that is being built by a very busy Robin. This discovery spurred us to make a bird bag full of goodies that the birds can use to make their nests. We used a produce bag and filled it full of ribbon (how's that for recycling?), yarn, straw, hair from brushes and scraps of cotton fabric. I'm hoping that we will spot some of the goodies in nests around our house. Wouldn't the bright pops of color make for a festive nest?

No Roses for Harry by Gene Zion is a great book to read in conjunction with this activity. It's all about the yarn from a sweater being used to make a nest! My children really enjoy this book and Harry the dog!

P.S. I wanted to make sure all that we put in the bag was safe for the birds and from what I have read the ribbon is fine, as long as it is not metallic.


  1. Even the Robins in Utah are talking about the goodies you have provided for those New Jersey Robins!!

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