Monday, April 26, 2010

A first aid kit for the mudroom

Now that spring is here and the weather is warmer (and then colder and then warmer again!) we are all outside a lot! Yeah! However, with outdoor play comes lots of splinters, cuts and bruises, bug bites and the occasional blister.

I recently saw in a magazine (I cannot remember which one) a first aid kit that was made out of an old lunchbox. They had painted the lunchbox the color of the wall and affixed it directly to the wall. I thought that this was a brilliant idea! Rather than having to run upstairs every time a bandaid is needed we can grab it in the mudroom! We filled it with simple and basic first aid materials. We've already used it several times and love it!

I thought that it was going to be an easy and quick project. It wasn't. Mostly because of my mistakes but that is another post...


  1. Love it! And I am going to make one tomorrow!!

  2. What a handy idea! Wish I'd thought of that years ago. I'll spread the word. (Waiting to hear 'the rest of the story'..)

  3. So adorable and practical... I love it!

  4. Super neat idea! i was just looking for a little first aid kit in the dollar store today. Your spray paint attempts made me smile!!!


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