Thursday, April 29, 2010


I walked out of my door yesterday to find these peonies sitting on my doorstep. How fantastic is it to have a friend that will share her flowers with you just because she knows you love them? They are from her tree peony and aren't they stunning? They make me want to weep with joy. Seriously. I expressed that to Bryce who looked at me like I was possibly insane.

My friend, Gretchen, recently went on a trip to Italy and brought back a few goodies. One of my favorites are these little candies. I like how they call them digestives. Doesn't that sound so much better than candy? Plus, the box is pretty!


  1. I have been tending to my peonies this year like small children. They are doing so well and the first one bursted open today! What beauty...I get it!!


  2. Just wanted to stop a moment to let you know, from a silent reader, that I just love your blog. Your children are darling, and I love picking up inspiration from your creative family activities. I've kept "idea binders" for years myself, and since I've found your blog, they've grown by about 40 pages. Yours is the first blog I click to each day! Thanks for being one of the spots of sunshine in my day.

  3. I second L. I. wannabe's "sunshine in my day" compliment. Also your joy over the blossoms. In the 1970's we lived where bloomed a fern peony that produced blossoms like these. Placed in bud vases, they greeted other 'secretaries' upon their arrival at work, thus multiplying the joy. Most thought they were roses. My private joy was that the plant had been planted by my grandmother.

  4. Oh my favorite too! I am anticipating blooms any day now! Beautiful.

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