Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Decorating and a Carrot Dinner

On Thursday night we had our annual Egg Decorating party. Even though it was just the four of us and my Mom it was a party! I look forward more to this dinner than I do Easter Day brunch! It's just plain fun.

Several years ago we started having a meal that was in honor of the Easter bunny, so naturally the menu is carrot heavy!

We feasted on Carrot Soup,

bunny salad,

(this was a big hit!)

carrot burgers,

(My favorite detail of the evening was the carrot toppers for the burgers. I was inspired by Cheeburger's olives that they top their burgers with. I used fondant and thyme, didn't they turn out fun?)

And Carrot Cake that just happened to look like the Easter Bunny!

I got easy to follow instructions on how to fold a napkin to look like bunny ears from here. I think they were darling.

I'm always a little amazed at how beautiful the eggs turn out and this year was no exception!


  1. Everything looks so creative and beautiful! Great Easter job!

  2. so cute! Love the carrots on the burgers and your cake is great...what fun memories your kids will have. Happy Easter!


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