Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Try, try and try again... and then again

When I first began working on the first aid kit project I thought that it would be an easy task- and it probably would have been if I had any idea what I was doing! Since I did not have an old metal lunchbox to use I picked up a brand new white one at Michael's for $6. I knew that I wanted to use the iconic first aid symbol and it was a bonus that the lunchbox was already white!

I picked up some red spray paint and printed out a copy of the red cross. Using an exacto knife I made a stencil of sorts, using just white construction paper, and taped it on the front of the box. In my mind this should have worked out brilliantly....

but not only were the lines not sharp but it was off center and crooked!

Fortunately, I had paint left over from the peony painting so I sprayed over the red cross with white paint and used heavy card board for my stencil instead of paper. I tried again...

and had no better luck. I sprayed it white again and gave it another try, this time waiting a day to make sure all the paint was dry. Not only did it not work but the white paint started cracking... so I went and bought another lunchbox!

This time I decided to use painters tape to tape off the red cross. I thought this was a no brainer solution to my problem.

and it might have been if I had really made sure that all the corners were down tight. But I didn't (I really thought I had!) so the paint ran. Not bad, but enough. I should note that at this point Grace was starting to remind me that nothing had to be perfect. But I couldn't stop myself from trying one more time.

The final box is not perfect but it is good enough. In fact when I peeled off the tape the red paint tried to peel up too but I just used my fingers to smooth it back down! I really wanted to try one more time to see if I could get the lines really crisp but I honestly didn't want to send the wrong message to the children. I spend a lot of time explaining to Grace that nothing has to be perfect and I didn't want to not follow my own advice!


  1. Oh my...that sounds like the story of my life! I always do things way to many times and just get mad at myself for allowing myself to waste that much time.

    BUT...the end result is great!


  2. Oh I LOVE hearing that i am not the only one that has quite a few "test" runs before it looks the way I wanted it to. Thank God for white paint.

    BTW it turned out fabulous!


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