Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A school tour

Yesterday was an exciting day for Harris. Our local grammar school has a charming tradition of giving incoming kindergartners a tour of the school and a chance to meet some of the teachers. If the new student has a sibling that already attends they get to give the tour! I thought Harris might explode from happiness as Grace toured him around the school- not because he was nearing the start of kindergarten but because his Grace was there.

I have to be honest. My heart broke a little. I'm not dealing well with my children getting older (or myself for that matter!). I just sort of want to freeze time. Is that wrong?


  1. That is a fabulous tradition! Harris' smile says it all. I love how much siblings can love each other. Moments like these make it hard not to shed a tear.

  2. That first picture is precious. Please print it in black and white and frame it. You need to see that picture daily...


  3. We sure do miss those Grandchildren!! It is so great to see them both so happy with life!! Tell them HI from UTAH!!


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