Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Friday

Friday was indeed a good day! Bryce was home for the day and it was the first day of spring break for the children! Friday afternoon we went to an egg hunt hosted by Kristin and her family. The weather was delightful, the trees were blooming and there were hundreds of eggs! What more could one ask for?

A chalk drawing to lead the way to the hunt.

The gates were opened for the egg hunters. Look at the children's expressions. Do you see the pure joy? It's a beautiful thing.

A friend gave Grace the flower to put on her basket. It was so cute!

Bryce and I. We left the house at separate times and did not realize that we matched! Promise.

We made hot cross buns following the directions from Family Fun (thank you Nina for the suggestion!). I substituted dried cherries for the currants, and I think they turned out quite good!

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  1. How fun....So jealous of your weather, all we had here was drizzle and rain!


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