Sunday, April 18, 2010

More celebrating with friends

We had one of those weekends that is a lot of fun but over too fast! Bryce followed in my footsteps of having a birthday week so we continued to celebrate this weekend!

On Friday evening we celebrated Bryce and Kristin's birthday by going out to dinner!

On Saturday evening we got together with friends to play Bryce's favorite card game, Peanuts. His family has played this game forever and it can get really crazy (and it did!). It was a lot of fun! Thanks to Sonja and Ryan for hosting us!

I made these mocha cupcakes (Bryce adores coffee) for Saturday night. They were pretty and tasty but not outstanding!

P.S. Thanks to my Mom who kindly and generously watched the children while we were off having fun!


  1. Bryce deserves such a special weekend!

    *At least the cupcakes were pretty. Remind me to tell you about me cupcakes...

  2. We second that comment. Great it was such a happy birthday time and wish we could have shared at least one hour!

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