Sunday, April 25, 2010


We had a fairly low key weekend that was filled with just enough stuff to make it interesting!

Grace participated with her brownie troop to help clean up a local park.

Saturday afternoon we held a "family garden clean-up" session. The children's garden was in sad shape after the tough winter we had. As I inspected the garden I was worried that it was in too rough a shape for us to make a dent in one afternoon! However, I needn't have worried because with all four of us working it was done in no time! The best surprise of the afternoon? Working to clean the garden turned out to be really nice family time. The children talked about all sorts of topics and really were a huge help in the clean-up! Being back in the garden made me excited to do a few new things in the garden this year!

I had to share this photo of Harris. This is what Harris dresses like to go to church on Sundays. Of course, I think he is always adorable but you know what makes him over the top adorable on Sunday mornings? The pen he puts in his pocket so that he looks like his Dad.

P.S. I also went to a flea market on Saturday morning and scored 15 old spoons for a project I'm working on! It was fun to wander the aisles and see all the treasures/junk that everyone was selling!


  1. That is great! You are OK, until Harris insists on an iPhone to be just like his dad!!!

  2. Speaking of the flea market...I found a wonderful new(to me) antique market that we'll have to go to next time you visit.

  3. The pen is hysterical! I can't wait to see what you do with your flea market finds...


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