Friday, April 16, 2010

Revisit of the attic bathroom...

I thought I would do a little update on our attic bathroom and how it's come together since we first wallpapered it. I still love the wallpaper and think that it is perfect for the attic playroom. The children have colored some more of the boxes in and I love how they are a reflection of the children's ever growing skills.

A while back my friend, Jen, had suggested I look at the bathroom accessories line at Pottery Barn Kids. As soon as I saw them I knew that they would be perfect for our bathroom. I love how they add a pop of color! I also found a new bath mat that goes much better than the previous one.


  1. So cute!!! Where did you get that wallpaper?? It is so fun and different!

  2. Thanks! I got the wallpaper at Land of Nod. Here's the link:

  3. That has turned out so cute! I still want to do that to my kids' bathroon. I bought those accesories a few months ago at PB and they were on sale. Then I bought a PB shower curtain (on clearance) that has colorful pockets. Of course, I haven't even stripped my wallpaper yet, but I'll be ready when I do. :)

    Hope you are doing well! We miss you!

  4. Anna, I had forgotten about this--I still so love this wallpaper and I'm proud of you for letting the children "express themselves". As I said to you before, I can look back now and wish I had let my girls use "wild abandon" in decorating their own rooms, cooking and "messing up" the kitchen, etc.--sometimes liking everything to be "perfect" or as we like it gets in the way...I love the new accessories--I just ordered some new Pottery Barn Kids bedding for the cabin guest room--just a madras plaid--I love most things Pottery Barn!

  5. I love this wallpaper too! I will have to find a place to hang it in my house. You will have to share your tips for how/when you let the kids "decorate" it.


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