Thursday, August 19, 2010

Date #2- A picnic

Tonight Bryce and I went on the 2nd date of our year long date series. For this date I thought we should take advantage of the remaining summer and go on a picnic.

My menu was simple and one that I was able to make ahead of time. I should note that cherry hand pies are my newest favorite thing. I got the recipe here. They couldn't be easier to make and are adorable in little brown bags!

Picnic Menu

Tequila Lime Chicken
Berry Soup
Assorted tomatoes
Cherry Hand Pies

We had a lovely time together, then the mosquitoes showed up and we had to head home!


  1. We have a date night once a week! I love it! This Tuesday is our 14th anniversary, and I love your gift! This picnic is precious!

  2. How wonderful and romantic!!!

  3. It's great you have regular dates. And what an attractive picnic! We're going to try those hand pies, only with tart cherries. Yes. . . it is time to savor these last days of summer. sigh

  4. What a wonderful anniversary present - very thoughtful and one that will last the whole year! Your cherry tarts look amazing. We are up to our 22nd wedding anniversary this year - boy how time flies when you are having fun. For our 20th wedding anniversary I gave my husband a trip to Fiji - we finally went last month!!! It was wonderful even if it took 18 months to get there. We took our daughters with us!


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