Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frog Day

Yesterday, we had our 2nd theme day and it was so much fun! I decided that since the frog is our family mascot we should celebrate frogs! Here are the highlights...

We started the day with frog pancakes and milky pond water.

Next we began a paper mache craft project. This is a multi-day project and I will share the finished product when they are completed!

We took a break from the craft project to have a refreshing frog egg popsicle. The children loved them! I got the recipe here.

We read several books about frogs. Frogs by Gail Gibbons was exceptionally informative and taught us all about the different stages of frog growth and development.

For lunch we took a simple picnic (I used a cookie cutter to cut out the sandwiches) and hiked to a nearby creek.

After lunch we explored the creek looking for eggs, tadpoles and frogs. We were very fortunate in that we got to see tadpoles at all different stages and we even caught a frog!

Late in the afternoon the children and I gathered all of our froggy friends and had a teaparty! We enjoyed frog juice, chocolate frogs, gummi frogs, frog legs (sugar snap peas) and fly pie (this idea came from the creative Katherine Marie).

After dinner, the whole family participated in making t-shirts. These are not yet finished either but I will tell you that potatoes, celery and carrots were involved!


  1. what a superfun day! That is a perfect theme for your family and an added bonus that you had so many wonderful frog items to go along with it!

  2. Happy frog days of summer! Wish I was one of your little children for that activity. I really missed out! Great photos. Almost like being there as I scanned through. There's never too many. That frog on the lily pad shot is fantastic.

  3. Love love love all your frog fun!!!!! You packed in some amazing stuff into one short day.... Your kiddos will never forget such a special and creative day!

  4. First, I think it was super cool that you found REAL tadpoles!! Second, I have been checking everyday since Thursday for the updates on the projects that were started, anxiously awaiting to see the end product.


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