Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New York City cupcake tour

Kathleen arrived for a visit on Wednesday and we have been doing lots of fun stuff! By far the most exciting thing we have done is to go into NYC for the day and take a self- guided, self- made tour of cupcake bakeries! For the one day we put aside any thoughts of calories and/or over indulgence! We kept a journal of each bakery we visited and made notes on the cupcakes that we tried. We also rated each cupcake with a cherry system, 5 cherries being the best cupcake ever and 1 cherry being not worth eating! Most of the time we got two cupcakes, split them and usually had a couple of bites of each.

Our first stop was The Cupcake Cafe. We had a chocolate cake with mocha icing and a walnut cake with maple icing. We really liked the maple and walnut combination!

Before we made another sweet stop we made our way to the Shake Shack for a hamburger. I keep hearing how great the burgers are and they did not disappoint! They were maybe the best burger I have ever had!

Our next cupcake stop was at the Crumbs bakery. These cupcakes were gigantic! We thought that it was unfortunate that the amount of calories in each cupcake was posted alongside the names! We had both a cosmo and cookies and cream cupcake.

Next we went to ButterCup Bakeshop. These cupcakes were a disappointment and we didn't linger too long! We had a peanut butter and jelly and a lemon cupcake. We did think it was cute how the peanut butter and jelly cupcake had a shot of jelly in the middle!

Our fourth stop was at the famed Magnolia Bakery. It was such a pretty store and the cupcake we got was really good. We had a caramel cupcake that was very yummy!

Up until this point in the tour we had walked everywhere which unfortunately led to Kathleen's feet starting to feel mangled and unhappy.

Therefore, we took a taxi to our next destination, Butter Lane. This store was adorable and had delicious cupcakes! Here, you got to mix and match your cake and frosting. We had a banana cake with french vanilla icing and a vanilla cake with honey cinnamon icing. They were delicious!

Our last stop was a last minute addition to our tour. While at Crumbs bakery we chatted with a couple who recommended the bakery, Sweet Revenge. This cafe offers savory cupcakes as well as sweet ones so we were able to get a bite of dinner in addition to another cupcake. This bakery also paired each cupcake with a wine or beer which was a fun way to enjoy our last cupcake before leaving the city! Our cupcake was pistachio with cardomon and rosewater buttercream frosting paired with a Belgium strawberry white beer.

Kathleen and I spotted these t-shirts at the Magnolia Bakery and knew instantly that we needed to own them to celebrate our fabulous day touring and eating cupcakes!


  1. That last stop cupcake sounds the best to me! How fortunate you both are to spend such a day together.

  2. What a fabulous day! As I was reading I was hoping you went to Magnolia Bakery then I saw Butter cute is that one!


  3. Looks like so much fun! LOVE the t-shirts! What a blessing to be able to have that special girl time! I so enjoy your blog - I'm kathleen's friend Dina in GA. We often look atit together and drool over your cuteness and creative ideas!

  4. I wanna be your friend! How fun...

  5. This sounds so yummy. What a great way to see the city without having to follow all the tourists.

  6. Wow, Yum, Fun!!! What a fabulous idea. I know for sure next time I go to New York I will be retracing your steps. I really enjoyed starting my day drooling over those virtual cupcakes!
    P.S. I love the Magnolia Bakery T-Shirts.


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