Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm thankful for rain and the rainbows that come after. We have had such a hot and dry summer. So dry that our grass was brown 2 months ago, the hydrangeas are looking like they really might not make it and the trees are losing their leaves. Two days ago, for the first time in many weeks, it rained. Significantly. And it has kept raining for the past few days. A steady, light mist that really made me want to cuddle up on the sofa with a good book. Or take a nap.

I'm thankful for a husband that cleans up after my colossal messes in the kitchen. Have I shared with you that I am a very messy cook? We made a deal when we married that I would do most of the cooking and he would do the cleaning. He has always stuck with that deal- even through marathon days of cooking/baking!

I'm thankful that my Mom still makes my children's Halloween costumes. We went today to pick up the fabric for the costumes (she wanted to get a head start) and Harris is beyond excited about his costume and Grace is going to be really sweet. They have both chosen characters from a book which makes my heart happy! I love that the children have complete and utter confidence that my Mom can make whatever costume they desire. I believe it too.

I'm thankful for our car and the gentleman who sold it to us. He lives here in town and when we purchased the car we never had to go into the dealership- not once. He kept bringing us cars to test and when we finally purchased one he brought the papers to us. Tonight, he came to pick it up for maintenance and left us with another one to drive tomorrow. Sweet.

I'm thankful for all the little, beautiful moments that make up my day. A kiss and a tight squeeze from Harris. A word of praise and love from Grace. A phone call from a friend. Coffee made perfectly by my husband. A perfect tomato, a juicy peach and pesto over penne. Cats who jump into laps or rub against legs. Zinnias blooming in the children's garden.


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  2. What a beautiful list. I can't wait to see those handmade costumes!!!

  3. very well said. we are so very blessed, it is nice to stop and think about it all.


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