Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fairies Welcome

Yesterday, we had a shed delivered. The man who came to my door was a rather burly man who was not the type of guy who I would expect to notice, much less comment on, a fairy door. But comment he did. Not once but twice. He was very enchanted with it.

Which reminded me that I haven't shared our fairy door with you. Several months ago we put a fairy door on our front door. Since everyone (read: my daughter) knows that fairies don't need doors it is really more of a symbolic gesture than a literal one. We just wanted the fairies to know that they are welcome at our house!

P.S. I got the door from a doll house supply company and painted it.


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  2. Your fairie door reminds me, our fair city recently had a fairie day in one of the parks, fairie costumes and all. There were photos in our newspaper.

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  4. I love that! I was always enchanted by your mouse hole too. The key ont he door is just too cute!



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