Sunday, August 1, 2010

A stage!

We have added something new and exciting to the children's garden. A few weekends ago Bryce and Harris built a stage! I got it in my head that we needed an outdoor stage for the children to put on plays and concerts. I thought that the garden was the perfect place for it, but the sandbox was in the way. Not to be deterred by such a thing, Bryce built the stage so that it safely rests on top of the sandbox. It's a two in one structure now!

Every stage needs curtains so we painted some directly on the fence behind the sandbox. I love how cheery it looks from a far and close up!

What I really loved about this project was that it was a family affair. Harris helped Bryce with the building of the stage and Grace and I painted the curtains.

Bryce also added the covers for the sides of the sandbox. Not only do they act as a step to get to the stage but they provide seating for the sandbox and a covered place to store toys.

The only downside to the stage is that it is very heavy. It takes Bryce and I both to move it off of the sandbox. This means that during the week we can't just move it back and forth. Our solution to this has been to leave the stage on the ground (we have plenty of room behind the playset) where it can still be used as a stage (to rehearse!) and then when they want we can move it to the sandbox.


  1. What a great family project!


  2. The children's garden is becoming such a magical place!

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  4. This is fantastic! My kids love to perform...they would be in heaven!!!

  5. And even more room for creativity! Amazing project....

  6. It just reminds me of ALL the plays that Bryce, Jackie and I did as kids.

  7. Anna, I love it!! You have wanted a stage for a while, I seem to recall thoughts of one in your Basement when you lived here. Fabulous construction, Kudos to your boys!!

  8. Grrrreat stage, guys! Nice 'ta da' by Grace at the end as well. Happy times. Looking forward to a play when we come!

  9. I love it! It looks awesome and what great memories it could hold.

  10. How amazing!!!!!! You've got to get some video footage of their grand opening performance. Of course the actors can set up a concession stand during intermission!! I wish We were close enough to buy tickets to your shows!!!!

  11. This is my all time favorite kids outdoor space!!! Wish my kids were still young enough to need a stage. I'm sure the whole neighborhood will enjoy it.

  12. Hi! I stumbled upon your wonderful children's garden while researching how to create my own. If possible, would you please send me a link to the sandbox plans and the bamboo tunnel plan. Thanks much!

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  14. Kira- I will be happy to send you what I have. Please leave me your email address!

  15. Anna, I love it!! You have wanted a stage for a while, I seem to recall thoughts of one in your Basement when you lived here. Fabulous construction, Kudos to your boys!!

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