Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Superman Cake

This weekend Bryce and I made a Superman cake for a friend's son who adores Superman. I gave her two choices of cake styles- one being a flying Superman and the other being Superman's emblem. I was glad her son chose the flying Superman because it was more fun to make!

The cake was rather large and so I had to tape two large cake boards together in order to have a surface large enough to hold the cake. I also thought it would be cute if the background of the cake boards looked like the sky. This was achieved by spray painting the boards with food safe spray paint! I think that it turned out perfect!

The cake body was made using an 8 inch cake pan, a loaf pan, 4 mini loaf pans, and 2 cupcakes! We also used scraps to piece together his boots.

We used items we had on hand for his facial features- candy for his smile, chocolate sprinkles for his hair and the white part of oreos and a food safe pen for his eyes. His cape was just icing on top of cut wax paper. We printed out an emblem on the computer instead of trying to ice one!


  1. So cute, and VERY impressive! I tried last year to make a basketball cake for my son. I don't attempt these types of things anymore ;-)

  2. Looks like it was a mammoth effort. Well done - it looks fabulous and I am sure your friends son would have been so thrilled.

  3. Super Superman cake. You have fortunate friends. Bet it was a big hit!

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