Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I used to swear that I would always prefer and use film over a digital camera. I still love film (although I haven't used it in years) but the convenience and affordability of a digital camera is undeniable. You can snap as many pictures as you want and not worry that you will have to pay a zillion dollars to have them developed. Even though it's a bit sad to no longer have that anticipatory moment of opening up your envelope full of pictures and memories I'm glad that I we made the switch.

Bryce snapped some photos of Kathleen and I to get a shot of us in our cupcake t-shirts. Sometimes it's the photos that don't make it on the blog that are the most fun and a true reflection of the moment. Aren't friends wonderful?


  1. So Cute...what is up with the hand/arm formation in picture #3??

  2. Alexi- We were pretending to be taking a prom picture! How silly is that?

  3. The last one is my fave. I miss witnessing (in person) the laughter between the two of you. Miss you, Anna!

  4. Outtakes...? I look great in all these shots :)


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