Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art from Annapolis

When Bryce and I were first married we decided that whenever we traveled we would buy a book about the place we had traveled to or a piece of art from a local artist. Occasionally we have bought both and we always purchase a Christmas ornament to commemorate the trip.

The pieces in our house that were purchased on a trip have special meaning and memories, and I'd much rather have that in my home than something I purchased just to use as decoration.

Last winter, while over at my friend Barb's house I noticed that she had pottery mugs that were sized just right for her children. I thought it was a great idea (my children can't ever seem to finish a regular sized mug of hot chocolate) and when I saw The Annapolis Pottery shop I knew just what I would go in looking for. They didn't have anything specifically meant for children but they did have mugs that were labeled for Espresso. The shopkeeper told me that they were most likely "mistakes." I sort of love that they are different but by the same artist.

And now we will remember our trip to Annapolis while sipping cider on cool fall evenings and hot chocolate on cold winter nights.


  1. That's a great way to have something to remember that can actually be used all year 'round. Love the colors and shapes.

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