Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Annapolis, Maryland

We just got back from a mini-vacation to Annapolis, Maryland. We found that Annapolis was a lovely, charming town. We ate our fill of seafood, toured around a bit and even got out on the water.

Our first evening in Annapolis we dug right in and had she crab soup and crabcake sliders. Yum.

We ate at the hotel for breakfast and I loved how the napkins were shaped to look like sailboats!

We toured around the Naval academy for most of our first morning. Here, we saw the space capsule, the chapel and some new midshipmen. We also toured the museum that has many, many models of ships plus the history of the Navy. It was really fascinating (mostly to Bryce and me!).

We also walked around the historic district. Here is where the state house resides and a very active main street! During our short stay we somehow managed to try out two ice cream shops and a fudge store!

We made our way around Annapolis in a shuttle that the children absolutely loved. The "dunebuggy," as Harris liked to call it, was driven by a gentleman who would entertain us with bits about history and fun little tours around town! Doesn't it look fun?

One of our main reasons for traveling to Annapolis was to go on a pirate adventure. This was a real highlight for all of us! Upon arriving the children dressed up, got tattoos, and learned how to properly talk like a pirate. They soon boarded the pirate ship to go hunting for treasure. Once out on the open sea they studied the map and were on the lookout for the treasure. They came upon a pirate and were forced to attack! Fortunately, the treasure was found and they were all able to take some home!


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  2. That looks fantastic. I had heard it was great, but your pics made me just put it on our "must do" list before we leave MD!

  3. That looks fun! My son would go nuts over the pirate adventure.

    Have a great week

  4. I thought I had left a comment earlier. . . .
    You've outdone yourself with all those wonderful photos. It's the next best thing to being there. That pirate experience is quite the special thing, and what handsome pirates! Gosh, perhaps we should do that trip.

  5. Ohhhh wow that looks like sooooo much fun! What amazing photos and amazing memories!


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