Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Snowstorm... again

We got a whopper of a snowstorm yesterday! What with the snowstorm a few days ago and now this one I'm all out of whack and off schedule! The snow fell fast and furious and was beautiful and peaceful to watch. It was an absolute winter wonderland and the children and Bryce had a lot of fun playing in it before it got too blustery. As much as I love watching the snow fall and staying cozy inside, I must admit that I had a moment today where I thought I might scream if I had to help change a child in or out of a snowsuit (and all its accoutrements) one more time! I got over it pretty quickly though!

Doesn't it look like marshmallow fluff?

The snow is up to our porch! And look at our new tree!

P.S. Several years ago our neighbors, Marci and John, gave us a snowman kit! Doesn't it help to make the perfect snowman?


  1. Gorgeous pictures, perfect snowman, beautiful house--looks like a winter wonderland. Talked to your Mom earlier in the week--know you are glad to have your husband home safely!

  2. how beautiful! a winter wonderland, we got to build a snowman too this year he was 4 inches tall.


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